Metals Exploration Fund


Long-only fund in the monetary and industrial metal sector


General information

The Metals Exploration Fund invests in a broad range of listed companies worldwide active in the exploration and extraction of Gold, Silver, Platinum-Palladium and industrial metals. The Metals Exploration Fund launched as a Cayman domiciled fund in 2008 and converted to a Swiss domiciled fund in 2013.

Specifics on the fund

The Metals Exploration Fund is a contractual investment fund under Swiss law, falling under the “other traditional investment funds” type with a weekly NAV in CHF. CHF: ISIN CH0216430709 The NAV of the fund, the prospectus and all official publications are available on the website of Caceis (Switzerland).
“The Metals Exploration Fund offers a twin-exposure to investors that are seeking for mining companies related to: Monetary metals (Gold, Silver and Platinum) that protect against dislocation in financial markets, periods of persistent high inflation and waning confidence in central banks. Industrial metals (Copper, Zinc etc.) that benefit from re-industrialisation, energy transition and infrastructure. Explorers, but also developer and junior miners are known to be the big outperformers during metal bull trends.” — Urs Gmür

Why Explorers

  • Lifeblood for the mining industry with finite resources
  • Perpetual call option on resources in the ground
  • Ultimate bubble fantasy as in 1978-80

Investment Universe

  • Listed companies worldwide – explorers, developers and juniors with large resource base relative to market capitalisation


  • Strategic asset allocation (SAA) with monetary metals and industrial metals
  • Tactical asset allocation (TAA) using qualitative and quantitative/technical approach


  • Broad based portfolio of around 50 stocks

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